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Darkness to the great light

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To Bring the People out of the hands of the Bondage of 
1. Slavery
2. Oppression
3. Suffering
4. Poverty
5. Hunger and Thirsty
6. Wounds
7. Imprisonment
8. Misery

They are under the bondage they are looking for light in their life. But they do not realize light of Love , Jesus Christ. One side Jesus is highly focused in terms of spiritually, But the other side of Christ love and light of His ministry is some what neglected. S Jesus first met their  needs and then preached about spiritual matters, we also see the needs of people first. He wiped away all their tears making them happy, we must follow the foot steps of Jesus Christ.

      And to bring them up out of that bondage unto  the great light of  Good land, Larger land of milk and Honey . This vision I the carried out by the  People's Welfare Association

        To uplift this type of people To bringing them un to the great light in Jesus Christ in Terms of Christianity, Socio, economical and educational enlightenments . No discrimination of caste, colour, creed, religion or any race

                      This is of a Global vision